the Rookes

Our Story

grsandma & I4 generationsMom & IWhen I was 20 years old, my Grandma Ruby was visiting her daughter Bessie, who lived across the road from me. In the afternoon, grandma baked an apple pie and brought it over to me. Over 40 years later, I still remember how special that pie made me feel. It was that apple pie that set me on a course to becoming a pastry baker.

Our tarts are a 3rd generation recipe, starting with my grandma Ruby, then my mother Jean. Now, Terry and I keep the family tradition going with a delectable combination of my grandma's and my mother's buttertart recipe.

The little store that opened to keep us entertained now sells so many tarts in the summer that sometimes it is hard to keep up to the demand.

We have sold over 315,000 tarts!